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10 things you learn from driving in los angeles

calendarOctober 21, 2016

Los Angeles is a gorgeous city, but it can be an interesting place to drive! Here are a few of the things that being a driver in L.A. can teach you: 1. Patience – You’re going to spend A LOT of time in traffic. Either you’ll become a very patient person, or you’ll go insane. …

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5 summer roadtrips in california

calendarJuly 8, 2016

It’s summer, the perfect time of year to take advantage of California’s beautiful weather! What better way to do so than to get in your car and drive around the Golden State? There are so many amazing cities and towns to visit, and so much to see and do. Here are five of the best …

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how to plan the perfect road trip

calendarJune 24, 2016

What could be more awesome than loading your family into your car and taking them on the road for a weekend/week of sightseeing around your state or country? If you want to save on your vacation, a road trip is definitely the way to go! Like all travels, road trips present their own unique set …

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