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the difference between auto body repair and auto repair

calendarAugust 22, 2017

Most people use the terms “auto repair” and “auto body repair” interchangeably, thinking there is no difference. Talk to any professional at any auto body repair San Fernando Valley has to offer, and you’ll find there’s actually a pretty big difference! Auto Repair refers to any mechanical and electrical repairs needed. For example, you’d take …

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how to find a reputable local body shop

calendarJune 20, 2017

  Finding a good auto body shop in Los Angeles may often seem easier said than done. With hundreds of body shops to choose from and thousands of reviews on Yelp and Google, how can you possibly find just one automotive body shop that offers quality repairs at a reasonable price? Here are a few …

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why you should choose a manufacturer certified repair center

calendarMay 23, 2017

When taking your car for repairs, it’s always tempting to go with the cheaper option, but before you do, there’s something you need to know: low-cost repairs often involve low-cost parts. These low-cost parts, also known as aftermarket parts, are made by third parties who are trying to follow the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications as …

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warning signs of a bad auto body shop

calendarDecember 22, 2016

There will always be times when you have to take your car to a body shop. Perhaps you got into an accident, or you need to do some work to restore your car to its original pristine condition. But you want to be sure the auto body shop you’re taking your car to is one …

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how to avoid a towing scam

calendarNovember 9, 2016

When your vehicle is broken down in the middle of nowhere, the appearance of a tow truck is like water in the middle of the desert. Oh, such relief! But many scammers will take advantage of your desperation, and you may end up the victim of a towing scam. That could end up costing you …

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how to choose an auto body repair shop

calendarOctober 20, 2015

Do you have any idea how many auto body shops there are in L.A.? Do a quick Google Search for “auto body shops Los Angeles“, and you get literally HUNDREDS of results. But are they all auto body repair shops you can trust? Will they charge you a fair price for top-quality work? That’s the …

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