Should Never Do

A car needs regular maintenance from changing oil and air filters to giving it a deep cleaning. While there must be some small repairs a car owner can do it by themselves but there are other things too which requires a professional help to handle the issues expertly rather than doing it yourself and leading to more damage.

Car repairing may sound easy and effortless in YouTube videos but trust me it is not, advanced technology may have made it seem like a simple task but these kinds of technical things often require special tools and equipment. Although the idea of repairing a car damage all by yourself may excite you, handling these things are beyond your skills and may result in bigger glitches. Consulting a professional car technician should the first and only thing you should consider. It may seem costly to go to a professional car technician but doing it by yourself could be ten times more costly than the actual repair you never know your innocent attempt may arise even more damages. We have created a list of car repairs you should avoid doing by yourself:

Engine diagnostics

When the check engine light starts to blink you need to get it checked, it might be because of the overheating of engine or your gas cap is not properly screwed, but instead of lurking under the hood and trying to dig into the problem all by yourself it is best to get professional help unless you have proficient diagnostic equipment and you are a professional.


The radiator is an essential component of your car it is like the heart of your car, which helps the system and engine to cool down, without a radiator your car will overheat and can lead to much bigger engine failures. When it is not working properly, the first thing you have to do is to take to a car repairer immediately instead of doing it yourself or looking for solutions at home. If you are trying to do it at home, you have to be very careful because if you screw up the engine can burst, and it will cost you way more than it should be.


Brake replacement job may sound easy and to be fair many people have been successful at this, but it is just not the replacement of brake pads it involves brake fluid, calipers, rotors and wheels. One thing goes wrong with this or you missed something you are in danger. If you feel confident enough to do this job you may attempt it but be wary about your safety.

Bodywork and Paint

Paint and bodywork should not be attempted on your own; it is a difficult job that requires a skill-leveled person with paint job experience. The paint used on the body of a car is not normal paint, it is expensive and applying the paint could be messy and time consuming. By doing this you may end up with uneven strokes and tacky shades.

AC System

If your car’s air conditioning system fails, you should need to contact the car repairer or the car’s company service mechanic. Car AC systems are complex to understand and can cause more problems like compressor fail, affecting the condenser or other components, understanding these parts and trying to solve the problem can be complex and dangerous.

While you can handle the minor issues of your vehicle at home by yourself, it is best if you let your Car Company or a professional car repairer handle these issues.