While in the Shop

Once you have authorized the repairs, your vehicle is dispatched to the shop foreman, who will handle the blueprinting of the vehicle.

What is blueprinting? — Blueprinting is marking the vehicle with a water soluble marker as to what is being done to the particular part–i.e. replace fender, remove and install new molding, repair door, etc.

The vehicle is then assigned to the technician who performed the initial disassembly and evaluation of the collision damage. This ensures consistency in the repair process, reducing the risk of human error. The shop foreman then obtains all the parts needed for the repair. We recommend the use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, as they are designed to fit properly and are crash-tested to ensure accurate deployment of the vehicle’s Supplemental Restraint System–the safety features.

Note: Some insurance companies don’t approve OEM parts, but prefers to use aftermarket parts. Don’t let your insurance company’s policies lead to poor-quality repairs!

From there, the vehicle goes through the standard repair process. We perform any structural repairs, including straightening, alignment, and suspension re-assembly. We will also replace vital structural parts damaged in the collision. Finally, we finish it off by repairing or replacing any external body panels that might have been damaged.


Network Auto Body is proud to be:

  • Jaguar and Land Rover Authorized Aluminum Repair Center for Structural and Non-Structural Repairs
  • Honda ProFirst Collision Repair Facility
  • Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Facility
  • The Authorized Body Repair Facility of Mercedes Benz, Nissan, and Infiniti

Our technicians are all I-Car certified, and our tools and equipment are tested and approved by the auto manufacturers above.

Our state-of the-art equipment is capable of repairing all aluminum vehicles, making us one in only five Southern California body repair facilities to offer the service. We provide quality collision repair for luxury vehicles.

We have a Self-Contained Aluminum Repair Environment, known as the Clean Room. The Clean Room prevents the possibility of cross-contamination and corrosion from steel particles.

All of our locations are equipped with Rotary Compressors to minimize the environmental damages our repair process may cause. We also use Celette Frame Equipment, the only dedicated fixture sets that accurately detect the slightest deviations in your vehicle’s frame alignment that could, uncorrected, compromise your vehicle’s structural integrity.

Note: For Land Rovers and Jaguars, we are one of the few body shops in Southern California certified to provide structural work on your vehicle.

Our repairs are thorough and detailed, and we have one simple goal: restore your car to its original factory condition and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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