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If you find yourself in a motor vehicle accident, you may not be sure how to get around town while your vehicle is being repaired. You still need to take your kids to school, drive yourself to work, hit the gym, run errands, and enjoy your weekends. But how can you do that without a car?


Thankfully, Network Auto Body has a simple solution!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car and its fellow Enterprise companies (Alamo and National) have over 6,100 locations around the U.S., with nearly 1.1 million vehicles available for you to rent. With Enterprise, you’ll have an inexpensive, viable way to continue your life while Network Auto Body gets your car looking as good as new.

Network Auto Body has an established relationship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, providing customers the option to be picked up from the body shop and driven to a Rent-A-Car location. Enterprise will come for the customers and deliver them directly to the location of their choice, where they can find a car to rent for the duration of their vehicle repairs.

When Network Auto Body informs you of the completion of your vehicle repairs, all you’ll need to do is return your vehicle to Enterprise, and they will bring you directly to the Network Auto Body location where your repaired car awaits!

We’ll also help to streamline the reservation process. All of your insurance information will have been collected following the accident, so it will be a quick and easy matter to provide that information to the car rental company. No need to wait in long lines or fill out lengthy forms–we’ll send your insurance information on ahead to help streamline the process of renting a car. It’s all a whole lot faster and easier, thanks to Network Auto Body.

Don’t let a motor vehicle accident interrupt your life! While we handle the repairs of your vehicle, let our partner Enterprise get you back on the road for the duration of the repair process.

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