You’ve bought a Jaguar or a Land Rover for one simple reason: to dominate the road! If you find yourself in a collision, you definitely want to return your vehicle to its original condition, ready for its top performance as expected!

Many Land Rovers and Jaguars are made with aluminum bodies, increasing both the stiffness and lightness of the vehicle. The metal reduces the amount of kinetic energy incurred in a collision, reducing damage to the body. Aluminum also increases performance, yields better fuel mileage, is more durable than steel, and is rust-resistant.

But the fact that the vehicle is made from aluminum means that it requires a very specific set of machinery, equipment, and skills to make repairs. Not every auto body shop is qualified to make the repairs to your Jaguar or Land Rover, so it’s in your best interest to find an Authorized Aluminum Repair Network Facility.

Why is this important? An Authorized Aluminum Repair Network body shop will have the correct equipment, factory specification details, tools, facilities, and well-trained technicians to repair the vehicle. Authorized Aluminum Repair Network body shops will also perform the repairs in a “clean room”–a quarantined area that is used ONLY for work on aluminum cars. This prevents the aluminum vehicles from being contaminated by steel particles, reducing rust, damage, and potentially dangerous combinations of metals.

The result: The best possible repairs in a dedicated environment, increasing the lifespan and durability of your Land Rover and Jaguar!

Land Rover and Jaguar will only sell parts to an Authorized Aluminum Center. Without the certification, the body shop won’t be able to provide the top quality, Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts. With the certification, only the best vehicle parts are used for the repair.

With Network Auto Body, you can be certain you’re get top quality repairs! As an Authorized Aluminum Repair Network, we are more than qualified to get your Jaguar or Land Rover back in tip top shape.

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