i car gold

You spent a good deal of money to purchase your vehicle, and any smart investor knows to take care of their investments. It’s in your best interests to keep your car in good shape, which means taking it to a collision repair center you know you can trust to do a top-notch job!

I-CAR (the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Repair) is an organization that provides education, training, and certification for auto body shops around the country. They are dedicated to ensuring that body shops have the proper knowledge, skills, tools, equipment, and facilities to offer safe, complete, and high quality repairs.

To this end, I-CAR offers a Gold Class designation for auto body shops that comply with the various training courses, education programs, and requirements. This benefits the customer in many ways:

  • Repairs are done faster (up to 43% faster!)
  • Customers are happier (customer satisfaction increased by up to 5%)
  • Businesses perform better (up to 47% better than non-Gold Class body shops)

All in all, I-CAR Gold Class body shops are better-equipped, better-trained, and better-staffed than non-certified body shops. They also have the proper facilities to handle repairs, and their facilities meet the high standard of cleanliness, organization, and professionalism demanded by I-CAR.

To obtain the I-CAR Gold Class designation, body shops must undergo a Professional Development Program. The 12-month course improves the body shop’s ability to make repairs to both the vehicle body and structure, manage multiple types of materials and structures, and improve business practices in order to increase customer satisfaction.

In the end, I-CAR Gold Class designation is proof that the body shop is reliable, trustworthy, and professional. As a vehicle owner, it’s in your best interest to find an I-CAR Gold Class auto body shop, like Network Auto Body.

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