Honda is a brand known for its reliability, quality, and elegance. If you are fortunate enough to drive a Honda, why would you settle for anything less than the best in terms of repairs? Your Honda is an investment, one you want to keep in pristine condition!


After a collision, you should only search for ProFirst Collision Repair Facilities. These shops are qualified to repair your Honda, and they have the specific training, equipment, tools, and facilities to return your vehicle to Honda’s factory condition.

There are two types of ProFirst Collision Repair Facilities to search for:

1. ProFirst Recognized Facilities — These body shops are recognized by ProFirst as being committed to customer satisfaction, and having the proper skills and technology needed to make repairs to Honda vehicles. In order to obtain the ProFirst Recognition, a body shop must first become an I-CAR Gold Class shop. I-CAR provides training and certification to ensure high quality repairs. In addition to I-CAR Gold Class designation, the Recognized Facilities will need to familiarize themselves with the latest technology and systems used by Honda. They will have access to all of Honda’s repair and service information.

2. ProFirst Certified Facilities — In addition to the I-CAR Gold Class designation, body shops trying to obtain ProFirst Certification will need to undergo specific training in the latest Honda systems and technology. They will also be granted access to Honda’s repair and service information, but they will undergo an annual inspection to ensure that the facility meets Honda’s high standards of customer service, professionalism, cleanliness, equipment maintenance, and required tools.

As a ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Facility, Network Auto Body is the repair shop you want to work on your Honda vehicle. We’ll make sure you get the quality repairs needed to get your Honda back on the road in no time!

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