Nissan GTR

Nissan will feature a special certification network for its refreshed GT-R supercar, Assured Performance announced Monday.

The new program, which Assured Performance described as a “re-launch,” will be open to both dealerships and unaffiliated collision repair companies.

Those already certified for Nissan’s collision repair network won’t automatically receive GT-R credentials. The GT-R certification website references a two-day, hands-on technician training program required for repairers, and auto body shops certified for regular Nissans would also likely need new equipment to work on the mixed-materials body of Nissan’s $109,990 baby.

According to Assured Performance, technicians at the GT-R course will:

  • Learn about the design and construction that is unique to the GT-R.
  • Take a detailed look at the GT-R body repair manual and procedures.
  • Identify the construction materials on the GT-R.
  • Understand the repairability of the GT-R structural materials.
  • Be measuring to find damage using electronic measuring.
  • Develop a repair plan on a damaged GT-R.
  • Perform hands-on aluminum panel repair.
  • Setup a repair bench to understand anchoring and pulling options.
  • Perform hands-on steel joining using (GMA) MIG and spot welding.
  • Understand the unique refinish processes for the GT-R.
  • Complete a post-test

Assured Performance already requires particular training for another class of certified shops: those on Ford’s F-150 aluminum body repair network. Those shops must have received I-CAR aluminum welding certification and taken I-CAR’s FOR06 F-150 structural repair class. (All Assured shops must also be I-CAR Gold Class, which requires employee training.)

“Nissan is committed to all our vehicle owners in being able to provide a quality repair option in the marketplace validated to have the right training, tools, and equipment to maintain performance and safety of their vehicles after a collision,” Nissan Certified Collision Network manager Mark Zoba said in a statement. “This is equally important for our GT-R owners. The GT-R being a high performance vehicle developed with materials not typical in the everyday vehicle, requires special equipment and training of shops to ensure a proper repair. Assured Performance is a proven and trusted partner with Nissan for our collision repair provider Certification, and a perfect choice to help Nissan drive the new elite GT-R Certification program as well.”

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