Fiat displays the quality and elegance of Italian vehicles, manufacturing cars that are designed for city life! The compact, practical vehicles are wonderful for zipping around town, are easy to park anywhere, and make driving a lot more convenient.

While driving your Fiat around town dings, dents, scratches, and bumps are all par for the course, and even the most careful drivers can suffer motor vehicle accidents. If your Fiat is in need of repair, where do you consider taking it? The best choice is a FCA Certified Collision Repair Center.

The FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automotive) Certification is a body shop’s proof that they have everything needed to make the repairs to your vehicle. This means that they have the proper tools and equipment to do the job, they have the proper facilities for the repair, and their staff has been properly trained to meet the FCA standards of excellence.

What does a body shop have to go through to obtain FCA Certification? Well, it’s more than just a piece of paper, the certification process lasts a year and involves training courses, upgrades to the body shop, and improvements in customer service. The FCA will only grant Certification once the body shop meets their high standards, and they have undergone an evaluation and on-site audit to prove that everything is in order.

An FCA Certified Collision Repair Center will be the right one to make the repairs to your Fiat, as they have the skills, the equipment, and the facilities to do the job right.

As a FCA Certified Collision Repair Center, Network Auto Body is proud to meet the FCA’s high standards of excellence–both for customer service and vehicle repairs. If you are looking for a body shop you can trust with your Fiat, Network Auto Body is the repair center for you!

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