For those who drive a Chrysler, it’s vital that you take your vehicle to an FCA Recognized Collision Repair Facility in order to make repairs after a collision or accident.

FCA stands for “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles”, and is the organization that provides certification to repair shops around the country. Only these FCA Recognized facilities are able to offer the high quality repairs your vehicle needs and have the proper facilities, equipment, tools, and trained technicians to perform your repairs. To return your Chrysler vehicle to its original condition after an accident, you want an FCA Recognized Collision Repair Facility.

In order to be an FCA Recognized facility, an auto body shop must first prove that they meet the standards and requirements set forth by the FCA. This includes upgrading equipment, training technicians, and expanding facilities as necessary. Once the auto repair shop proves compliance, the FCA conducts a final audit and evaluation. The final score determines whether the shop meets FCA certification standards.

If the body shop is granted the FCA recognition, it proves that they are both trained and equipped to make repairs to all Chrysler vehicles. For you, as the customer, the FCA Recognized Collision Repair Facilities are the ideal place to take your vehicle!

If you have a Chrysler vehicle in need of repair, bring it to Network Auto Body. As one of the top FCA Certified Collision Repair Facilities in Los Angeles, we are equipped and trained to handle any repair, no matter how extensive the damage!

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