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auto body vs mechanic

calendarDecember 7, 2019

It is a common misconception that every problem regarding car repair or maintenance is the work of a mechanic and they are well qualified to handle all auto repair issues but this is certainly not the case. It is very important to know the basic things about the maintenance of your car that includes where …

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what are the most common repairs that auto body shops do?

calendarOctober 25, 2019

Car accidents are not uncommon. Quite a lot of people tend to be careless drivers, which is why they have to head to a local repair shop with their cars for fixing ever too often. You must get your vehicle repaired from a reliable auto body shop, one that would make sure that your vehicle …

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how do i inspect my car when the body work is done?

calendarSeptember 27, 2019

If your car has been involved in a severe accident, it would need to spend considerable time at a repairs shop. You wait with bated breath for the return of your beloved vehicle, and finally, you get the call that your car is ready and can be taken. However, you find yourself growing nervous. Can …

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here’s why it’s important to choose a certified auto body shop

calendarSeptember 13, 2019

Car accidents can be quite stressful. For one thing, you find yourself fervently hoping that there are no injuries involved. Once you are assured that you are in the clear, and there is no risk of a police report being filed for you, there is another issue that you have to tackle with, repairing your …

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your ultimate guide to finding the best commercial fleet repair center

calendarAugust 23, 2019

In search for the right auto body fleet repair center but just don’t know where to begin? Continue reading to discover the ultimate guide to d a repair center that works for you! Customer-focused Fleet Repair Center It’s important to rely on a business that’s customer-centric. You want to be able to keep a good …

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facts to consider before getting your car painted

calendarJuly 26, 2019

Keep reading to learn more of some of the main things that you should account for if you decide to paint your car. Painting your car can be an amazing way to bring a fresh, new look to your “beat-up” vehicle. It can also be a good thing to do if you are looking for …

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how auto body repair shops match paint to your vehicle

calendarJuly 12, 2019

How can collision repair techs match the finish of your car with such a high degree of accuracy? It might not be surprising, but paint jobs are perhaps among the most popular services offered by car repair shops and auto body technicians. Whether you’re looking to restore a damaged car to its original shape, or …

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frame straightening: what is it and why it’s important

calendarJune 21, 2019

As we all know, collisions can be quite scary. When a vehicle is involved in a collision,it can damage your car beyond the dents you see on the surface. A strong impact can cause misalignment of your car’s frame. A damaged frame can lead to long-term performance and structural issues with your car. If the …

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everything you need to know about unibody repair

calendarJune 7, 2019

In some ways, a car is not different from a house. They are built with a frame that is meant to hold everything together. Having said that, even collisions at moderate speed can potentially cause serious damage to the subframe of the vehicle. In some cases, the damage can be merely aesthetic. However, a more …

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reasons to repair your car dent sooner than later

calendarMay 20, 2019

Getting a dent in your car, whether it was caused by something you did or a collision with another person, can be frustrating and annoying. It can also keep your car from looking its best, so you may want to get it fixed. There is more than aesthetics to that dent, though. Here are some …

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