preserving your vehicle’s paint job

calendarMarch 27, 2020

Harsh weathers like snow, sunlight, rain, and hail can be harmful to your car’s exterior. No matter how good the quality of paint is, it is bound to get damaged by extreme weather conditions. With time, exposure to sunlight, snow, and other harmful elements can take away your car’s shine. We have gathered some tips …

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what you should look for in a collision repair shop

calendarMarch 13, 2020

Sometimes it is very difficult to avoid car accidents because you may be a safe driver who drives their car with all the precautionary measures, but someone out there may not be careful, and this may lead to car accidents. You may be able to save yourself from such accidents by wearing a seat belt, …

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the difference between oem and aftermarket parts

calendarFebruary 21, 2020

If you’ve been driving around your vehicle a lot, or it has been greatly damaged, or it needs some repair work, and it’s not in the same new condition it came in, chances are, you probably want to to revamp your vehicle and get new replacement parts. The solution is simple. You might think of …

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driving in the rain safely

calendarFebruary 7, 2020

Whether it’s drizzling or pouring hard, driving in the rain is always a tough challenge. The rainy season is fun and beautiful, but at the same time, it can be quite dangerous. Many traffic reports have reported the heavy rainfall is even more dangerous than a snowstorm. Approximately, 46% of car crashes and accidents related …

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driving after an accident

calendarJanuary 24, 2020

Driving after an accident couldn’t be more difficult. You may have saved yourself without getting hurt or you may have just witnessed an accident, but the scars and fears in your brain itself build a significant turmoil inside you and will leave you stunned. It is normal to feel anxious after you have gone through …

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comprehensive vs. collision insurance

calendarJanuary 10, 2020

After buying a new car, the first thought that would probably come across your mind is what coverage option will be the best for your vehicle. Car coverage is the first thing any car owner should consider. These insurances are your financial protection that covers all the costs caused by any damage to your car; …

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should never do

calendarDecember 20, 2019

A car needs regular maintenance from changing oil and air filters to giving it a deep cleaning. While there must be some small repairs a car owner can do it by themselves but there are other things too which requires a professional help to handle the issues expertly rather than doing it yourself and leading …

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auto body vs mechanic

calendarDecember 7, 2019

It is a common misconception that every problem regarding car repair or maintenance is the work of a mechanic and they are well qualified to handle all auto repair issues but this is certainly not the case. It is very important to know the basic things about the maintenance of your car that includes where …

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surprising things that damage your car paint

calendarNovember 22, 2019

Everyone is concerned about their cars. It’s a universal issue and no car owner is an exception. People are very possessive about their cars. But the one thing that people are least bothered about damaging is their car’s paint. People usually think that car paint can never be damaged. However, that isn’t true. It is …

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how to prevent and repair car paint oxidation

calendarNovember 8, 2019

Maintaining the same condition of the car it came in can be quite difficult. Whether you have plans of selling it or keeping it, either way, you’ll want it to look as polished as possible. Once it loses its originality and texture, it can be a challenge to bring back the novelty of it. Appearance …

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