watch out for these common causes of car paint damage

calendarAugust 7, 2020

Trying to keep the exterior of your vehicle in good condition is a common struggle that many people deal with. Not only are scratches and dents unpleasant to look at, but they can also significantly lower the re-sale of the vehicle. The longer damages go unrepaired, the higher the risk is for rust to develop. …

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dent repair: leave it to professionals

calendarJune 26, 2020

“Dented is equal to tainted.” Facebook and Pinterest are flooded with unconventional methods of remedying a dent of a car. The good old plunger and boiling water method, the hairdryer, and compressed air procedure and how can we forget wooden dowels and hot glue method, all of these remedies circulating on the internet might be …

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common collision repair myths

calendarJune 12, 2020

Car accidents, whether minor or significant are always devastating; thanks to airbags, the ratio of mortalities have gone relatively low over the years, but it still doesn’t make them any more comfortable. While the victim is feeling a rush the last thing on their mind is repairs and damages. Here are some very common myths …

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wheel alignment process

calendarMay 22, 2020

If your car has uneven tire wear, the car pulls on one side or a crooked steering wheel while driving, there is a higher chance that your vehicle is in dire need of alignment. If you are noticing these signs while driving, do not make the mistake of putting them off as these issues won’t …

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how to tell if your frame is damaged

calendarMay 8, 2020

There come unfortunate events in life which you cannot sometimes avoid, like getting in a car accident. There are a lot of aspects that needed to be taken care of after the accident. It is based on the intensity of the collision. While some accidents of the lower severity can only leave superficial damages, some …

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why you should have your car detailed at least once a year

calendarApril 24, 2020

Car detailing is when your vehicle is cleaned and polished meticulously and inside and out thoroughly. This process can not be done by a typical car cleaner and instead requires a professional detailer to perform this process. Car washing and car detailing are not the same, as car washing is done by automated machines, whereas …

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national car care month

calendarApril 10, 2020

April is the month of paying extra attention to your cars, and that is why people celebrate National Car Care Month. You can improve your vehicle’s efficiency through some simple maintenance tips. This will help you save time, effort, and money that you may spend if the vehicle does not get the proper care. Just …

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preserving your vehicle’s paint job

calendarMarch 27, 2020

Harsh weathers like snow, sunlight, rain, and hail can be harmful to your car’s exterior. No matter how good the quality of paint is, it is bound to get damaged by extreme weather conditions. With time, exposure to sunlight, snow, and other harmful elements can take away your car’s shine. We have gathered some tips …

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what you should look for in a collision repair shop

calendarMarch 13, 2020

Sometimes it is very difficult to avoid car accidents because you may be a safe driver who drives their car with all the precautionary measures, but someone out there may not be careful, and this may lead to car accidents. You may be able to save yourself from such accidents by wearing a seat belt, …

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the difference between oem and aftermarket parts

calendarFebruary 21, 2020

If you’ve been driving around your vehicle a lot, or it has been greatly damaged, or it needs some repair work, and it’s not in the same new condition it came in, chances are, you probably want to to revamp your vehicle and get new replacement parts. The solution is simple. You might think of …

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