four quick holiday travel tips from network auto body

December 1, 2017

According to AAA, it’s estimated that nearly 100 million Americans travel 50 or more miles from their home at some point during the year-end holiday season. And while the holiday season may be merry and bright, holiday travel can be anything but if you don’t take the proper measures. On that note, we’ve put together …

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six things you should know before having your car repaired

November 21, 2017

Accidents happen, it’s a fact. And when they do happen, it’s imperative that you have your car repaired so that it’s not a danger to you or anyone else you’re sharing the road with. But before you select a collision shop, there are some things you need to know. Here’s a closer look: 1. Aside …

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six lies insurance companies tell you after a collision accident

November 7, 2017

After a collision you want to be able to rely on your insurance company to get your car fixed quickly, but can you? If you trust that company, will you really get the best collision repair Los Angeles has to offer? Here are six lies the insurance company will tell you. That you aren’t covered …

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you should get a dent repair right away to avoid these 3 dreadful problems

October 23, 2017

Getting a dent in your car, whether you caused it or someone else did, can be annoying and frustrating. But if it’s a small dent you may not be too worried about getting it fixed. Unfortunately, leaving that dent could lead to more problems down the road, so be sure to get it fixed quickly. …

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October 10, 2017

There are a lot of collision repair myths around, and unfortunately many people believe these myths. That can lead them to spending too much, not getting their car fixed the way they want, or not using a Los Angeles repair shop that they prefer. But you can avoid all of that by knowing what’s accurate. …

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6 must know tips to avoid rear-end collisions

September 27, 2017

Rear-end collisions can do more than just damage your car—they can lead to whiplash that injures the muscles, bones, and joints of your neck, shoulders, and spine. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of being caught in a rear-end collision: Give yourself plenty of room – Always keep at …

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shocking ways you may be ruining your car’s paint

September 12, 2017

All vehicles are covered with a weather-resistant coat of paint that seems impervious to damage by water, rain, snow, sleet, sun, and the other elements. But the truth is that the paint isn’t as durable as you’d think. If you’re not careful, things you come in contact with every day could ruin the paint job! …

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the difference between auto body repair and auto repair

August 22, 2017

Most people use the terms “auto repair” and “auto body repair” interchangeably, thinking there is no difference. Talk to any professional at any auto body repair San Fernando Valley has to offer, and you’ll find there’s actually a pretty big difference! Auto Repair refers to any mechanical and electrical repairs needed. For example, you’d take …

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5 reasons you need to get your car painted by a professional

August 8, 2017

Painting a vehicle may seem like a fairly simple, straightforward job, sort of like painting a wall. Just sand the paint down a bit, let it dry, then apply a fresh coat of paint. How hard can it be? Unless you’ve painted a vehicle, you have no idea how complex it actually is. A lot …

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why you should take your car to a mercedes-benz approved auto body shop

July 25, 2017

  A Mercedes Benz is a work of art, and a vehicle renowned for its durability and quality. As a “gold standard” for luxury passenger vehicles, Mercedes Benz has earned dozens of rewards and a great deal of acclaim in the last decade alone. It’s ranked among the top ten vehicle manufacturers in the world, …

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