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Car Paint Color

One of the most important elements of the post-collision auto repair and re-finishing process is the paint job. Your car’s paint is more than just a color–it’s the finishing touch that will return the car to its original pristine condition!

Getting that paint color just right can be quite a challenge, but one that the professionals at Network Auto Body are fully prepared to handle. With our computerized color-matching system, we’ll deliver original factory car paint formulas to ensure that your car is painted the exact color.


You can’t just say “green” and expect to produce the same color of paint as is used for your car. Paint colors follow a precise formula, so just the right amount of red, yellow, blue, and white must be mixed to get the color just right. Doing it by hand would be near-impossible!

Why does color matching matter? Let’s say you aren’t in a full-on collision, but you get only a small dent in the car. You don’t have to re-paint the entire car, but just the panel where the damage is located. But do you want that panel to be a slightly different shade than the rest of the car? Absolutely not! You want it to be the same.

That’s where computerized color-matching comes in handy! Our paint technicians use a specialized computer system to identify the exact color on your car’s finish to produce a formula that will be indistinguishable from the original paint. Your vehicle is cleaned and moved into a climate-controlled paint booth, where a paint-matching analysis is performed. The analysis enables us to find the perfect color formula, and the computer mixes up the paint to get it just right.

(We use the PPG Waterborne paint system, a pioneer in color-matching technology.)

Our computerized color-matching service also ensures that the “blending” is as accurate as possible.


Blending involves spraying a small amount of color on the panels adjacent to the one’s being repaired/replaced. This creates a perfect color flow and gives the car a uniform appearance.

After the paint is blended, several coats of clear protective paint is applied to finish the surface and leave your car looking as good as new!

We use environmentally friendly paint and methods of re-finishing the car, minimizing our collision repair facility’s carbon emissions.

Color matching is an art, and blending colors to ensure a total match is a skill of the trade. The end result is a finished car that looks as good as new!

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