The Best Auto Body Shop in Los Angeles

Network Auto Body is proud to be a family-owned business! We have made it our highest priority to deliver quality service to Los Angeles County since 1985, and our "customer first" attitude has made us one of the top auto body repair facilities in Southern California.

Not only do we provide high quality repairs, but we are also one of the most advanced, environmentally-friendly auto body and paint repair centers in the industry.Network Auto Body was voted one of the Top 10 Auto Body Shops in the United States by the Auto Body Repair Network for both 2010 and 2011. Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is an A+ — a rating we strive to maintain with all of our customers! Read More

Four Convenient Body Shops in Los Angeles to Serve You:

7300 Radford Ave., North Hollywood,
CA 91605 (Phone: 818-308-8169)
3917 S. Broadway Street, Los Angeles,
CA 90037 (Phone: 323-232-8800)
24854 Avenue Rockefeller, Valencia,
CA 91355 (Phone: 661-295-5910)
3718 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles,
CA 90004 (Phone: 213-387-7300)
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  2. Safety and Quality

    We don’t cut corners or find a “cheap” solution.
    We make sure the job is done correctly, no matter what!

    Low Quality / Limited Safety

    DRP shops find ways to cut costs and get the job done quickly and cheaply. Quality is in second-place!

  3. Only The Best

    We request OEM parts to ensure the car is up to factory specifications and safety standards. While maintaining your factory warranty. Your safety is our top priority.

    Cheap Parts

    DRP shops use aftermarket parts (parts manufactured for vehicles by
    third-parties: always lower quality) with no vehicle manufacture warranty or,
    worse still, used parts (higher risk of flaws or defects , increasing the chance of breakdowns).

  4. Experience

    Our technicians are certified and highly trained, providing the top-shelf service you deserve.

    Lacking Experience

    DRP shops do not always ensure their technicians receive proper professional certification.

  5. You: #1

    You are the customer, and our goal is to deliver the kind of service YOU want. We work with you to guarantee repairs the way you want them done.

    Insurance : #1

    DRP shops treat insurance companies as the real customers, meeting THEIR standards for costs, timeframe, and quality. Your interests are secondary.

  6. NO CASH ? no problem!

    We offer deductible financing to help you cover the costs of a high deductible.

    NO CASH ? no problem?

    Does your insurance companies’ DRP shop offer deductible financing? If you can’t cover the deductible costs, you’re in trouble!

  7. Quality Guaranteed

    We offer a warranty on ALL repairs, proving that we believe in the quality of our work. Bring the vehicle in, and we’ll take care of any problems!

    Quality Perhaps…

    Insurance companies do not offer a warranty on repairs or accept liability for unsafe repairs. Ask your insurance company for THEIR written warranty. So what happens when your vehicle has trouble?


Are cheap repairs part of an insurance scheme ?

After a collision or motor vehicle accident, DON’T let your insurance company decide where you send your vehicle! The Direct Repair Program in place with these “recommended” body shops can lead to fast, cheap repairs that could end up costing you a lot more in the long run – in terms of yours and your family’s safety. Send the vehicle to the repair facility of YOUR choice!

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